1. How do I register as a job seeker on this website?

Answer: Go to the home page and click on Job Seekers. Registered as a new user. Make sure to have a resume to upload to your profile.

2. If I don’t have a resume, can someone help create one?

Answer: Yes. You can contact the Family Assistance Specialist (FAS) in your area by going to the Contact Us tab. They will assist you and have your resume reviewed or created.

3. How does this work after I have registered to the Job Seeker site?

Answer: First, you will contact the FAS in your area. (SEE CONTACT US). They will assist you through the process step by step. They will ask for your resume. If you do not have a resume or need a revision, a representative will assist you. The next step is to login into the home page of this website and login into our Job Seeker’s Tab. Make sure to write your Login and password information. Once your information is in the system, a Family Assistance Specialist (FAS/Employment Advocate in your area) will guide you in the right direction. Your resume will be matched with an employer and you will be notified that your resume was submitted to employer(s). The FAS will contact you to follow-up to see how you are progressing or if you need additional assistance.

4. Where can I find information on job fairs in my area?

Answer: Please go to the Events/Training tab. You will see a calendar. Chose the month you want to see and all job fairs and training events will be on our calendar.