AGR Jobs:

For AGR Job announcements and forms, go to:

LANG Federal Technician Jobs:

Instructions on how to apply at
  1. Register or sign in at:
  2. Have a resume ready before registering
  3. Have all supporting documents loaded into your files before registering (i.e DD214, Education diploma & degrees, Certifications/school certificates,& etc..) All documents must be uploaded into your profile in USAJOBS
  4. Once you have registered and logged in your profile, select the job you want to apply for and it will take you to your uploaded documents. Make sure to click every file (include resume) you have uploaded, so it will be attached to your application. Ensure your resume matches the job description of experience before you click on the resume to the application. If you need to change, simply upload a updated resume to fit job, and click on it before you submit your application.
  5. If you need assistance applying for federal Technician Jobs, please contact the Program Support Specialist (Catarina Donnelly) at 504-278-8344.

LANG State Jobs:

If you are interested in applying for Louisiana Guard State Employment, go to:

All Applicants must complete a LANG-LMD-H Form 10 (State Application) and attach a legible copy of their Official Birth Certificate, Driver’s License and Social Security Card. Resumes are optional and will not be accepted unless they are submitted with the LANG-LMD-H Form 10 (State Application). The LANG-LMD-H Form 10 (State Application) is located at 2016NEW.pdf

Application(s) must be submitted to the appropriate LMD Human Resources by the close date, no later than 4:00 p.m.